Looting on St. Maarten after hurricane Irma

Looting on St. Maarten after hurricane Irma

On Sint-Maarten are looting. That confirms lieutenant-at-sea Egbert Chair. He could not say anything yet about the dead and wounded on the Dutch part of the island.

Chair said that at NPO Radio 1. He is from the Maritime Headquarters in Curaçao involved in the emergency.

About forty mp’s are on Sint-Maarten, Sint-Eustatius and Saba to the local agents to help. Many of the buildings on Sint-Maarten are damaged. On Saba and St. Eustatius, it seems the damage to fall and there seem to be no victims to his cases.

The residents of the affected islands are largely secluded from the outside world.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs Dutch citizens in the hurricane region an email is sent with information about what they can do best. The mail is sent to people who have registered via The ministry calls on everyone in the hurricane region is located on that website.

Enough drinking water

It comes to the countries of Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, United States and turks and Caicos islands. The latter two island groups southeast of the Bahamas.

In the mail is advised to ensure enough drinking water and sustainable food (for 72 hours), to recharge batteries before the storm bursts, and to apply for dangerous situations after the end, for example by flooding, and fallen power poles.

For questions, the ministry is open 24 hours per day on +31 247 247 247. According to a spokeswoman, there are Thursday, about a hundred phone calls received.

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Sint Maarten

“Our Kingdom has been heavily affected and the material damage is very large. There is a great need for food and water. Unfortunately, the island is still not accessible because of the destruction of the airport and the port”, said prime minister Mark Rutte Thursday about the situation on St. Maarten..

Minister Ronald Plasterk of Internal Affairs said earlier in the day that the failed communication channels but very little contact is possible with the islands. The cabinet had Thursday a crisisberaad.

On other islands are eleven people killed by the hurricane. Most of the deaths up to now in the French part of Sint Maarten. In total, on the French islands of eight people to life, to report to the authorities, of whom four are on St. Maarten.

The other deaths on the islands of Barbuda, Barbados and Anguilla. In Barbados, came a person to the life while browsing the internet. In addition, there are 23 injured cases. In the American territory of Puerto Rico fell three dead.


Helicopter filming the damage in Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma


Soldiers on Thursday in Sint Maarten, Sint-Eustatius and Saba started with repairs. Marines and men of the genius of the army, restore infrastructure, and guarding the public order, according to the ministry of Defence.

Secretary-general António Guterres of the United Nations Thursday stripped on the victims and the immense damage that the hurricane Irma in the Caribbean has caused.

In a New York statement issued expressed Guterres his sympathy with the inhabitants and governments of the affected countries and areas. He praised the authorities, who were well prepared and also well responded. Irma is the most powerful tropical storm ever in the region was registered.

Hurricane Irma causes havoc on Windward Islands

Slowly it is becoming more and more clear about the damage that hurricane Irma has caused on Sint Maarten.

From the air the damage in Sint Maarten good to see.
© A

High waves near the coast of Sint Maarten.

The NH90 helicopter of the Royal Navy made Wednesday afternoon local time a first reconnaisance flight over the island.

The airport on St. Maarten.

Point Blanche in Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma is visited.

Readers send photos of the situation on Sint Maarten.
© Koen Soonius and Dave Knotter

The damage on the island of St-Maarten is significantly.
© Soonius and Dave Knotter

Entire houses have collapsed as a result of the hurricane Irma.

First images of Sint Maarten show that hurricane Irma on the island wreaked havoc has done.
© Youtube

The French government has let us know that a number of solid buildings, such as a police station and an army barracks have been damaged, so the expectation is that less-strong buildings not much better.
© Peter Jan de Vin/Defense

In the capital Philipsburg is a case of heavy flooding and damage.

Collomb has three additional between to the hard-hit islands of Sint Maarten and Saint-Barthélemy sent.
© Royal Navy

Irma is a hurricane of the worst category with wind speeds up to 295 kilometers per hour.
© Weerplaza

Messages that residents of the affected island leave, speak of devastation as a result of the hard gusts of wind. It comes to weggewaaide roofs and power poles, fallen trees, and even fires in houses.
© @Zeliard91

A lot of people have in recent days tried as much as possible to make preparations to Irma to resist.

Also have most of the population, large stocks of water and food in the game for a number of days in the house to survive, should the need arise.

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