Loose Body Fat

Changing body contour is now very easy due to the latest advances in the medical field. However, it is difficult to escape going under the knife, irrespective of whether patients opt for liposuction or for tummy tuck procedure.

Liposuctions, in which excess fat cells can be removed from the body or in tummy tuck procedure, in which the fat cells and loose skin are dissected out from the stomach, patients have to bear the consequences of surgical procedure. However, now patients can heave a sigh of relief. All this is changed now!

A very modern technology that uses ultrasound waves can be extremely beneficial for bursting 2-3 mm of thick layers of fat cells, situated below the upper layers of skin. This leads to release of fats that is later broken down by the body’s natural processes in the same way as it does for the fats that are ingested as food.

Losing Excess Body Fats:
The future prospects of this non-invasive technique for fat removal are fascinating. It is a dream-come-true for the patients who want to get rid of fats without undergoing any invasive procedure. It is equally intriguing for the doctors who can provide excellent results to their patients for fat reduction. According to ASAPS, liposuction is considered as the 2nd most popular cosmetic surgery after breast augmentation.

Use of ultrasound method for breaking down fat cells in the body comes with a lot of advantages. In this procedure, ultrasound waves are emitted with the help of a special device. These waves are directed to the skin surface and penetrate through skin and break down the fat cells under the skin. The fat cells that are busted up as a result of this are then metabolized and are excreted out of the body. This is in contrast to the liposuction procedure in which the fat cells are suctioned out of the body and not excreted out.

Use of ultrasound is also done in liposuction procedures for loosening the fats before suctioning them out. Several experts are of the opinion that high intensity ultrasound system is very advanced now so as to allow cosmetic surgeons to affect the fat tissues at cellular level.

Several parts of the body like buttocks, love handles, arms, stomach and thighs can be treated with the help of ultrasound method for fat removal. These areas are typically resistant to fat loss even after dieting and exercising.

The ultrasound waves of high frequency used in this therapy cause disruption of fat tissue in subcutaneous layers. The contents of cells are collected in venous system or lymph and are then transported to the liver. The other tissues surrounding the fat cells that are targeted are left unaffected by the therapy, as the fat cells are the only tissues that are vulnerable to this form of energy.

For ensuring mobilization of fats from the treated part, Endermologie session of 10 minutes is performed along with it. Regular exercise for a small period can help in burning off this fat. It is recommended for patients to take the vibration training for burning the fats and for avoiding re-deposition of fats.

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