“Long working hours make risk of atrial fibrillation is greater’

“Long working hours make risk of atrial fibrillation is greater’

People who are more than 55 hours per week of work would be 40 per cent more likely to have the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation to develop.

A research team from University College London analysed for the cohort study, published in European Heart Journal, the health information and arbeidsdata of more than 85,000 women and men of middle age.

The participants were from Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Persons who are 35 to 40 hours per week, were used as control group. At the beginning of the study had no onderzoekdeelnemer burden of atrial fibrillation.

In atrial fibrillation arise electrical stimuli not on a place, but in different places in the atria. It is not life-threatening, but a constant load for the heart. People may be short of breath and dizzy, but not everyone experiences the last.

1.4 times

Per thousand participants developed, in the course of ten years, an average of 12,4 people atrial fibrillation. In the group of people who are 55 hours or more worked per week, this number 17,6. That makes the chance for the common heart rhythm disorder in this group is 1.4 times greater.

The difference remained significant when other risk factors for atrial fibrillation such as obesity and alcohol consumption, out of consideration were left out.

The researchers emphasize that only at the beginning of the research is looking at how many hours the participants weekly. Also, it is not known what type of work they perform.

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