Long-standing advice columnist E. Jean Carroll accuses Trump of sexual assault in the 1990s

E. Jean Carroll, a longtime advice columnist, accuses President Trump to have sexually attacked, she in a New York City dressing room two decades ago. (Getty, Associated Press).

A longtime advice columnist has President Trump accused to have sexually assaulted, they say in a New York City dressing room two decades ago, the episode ended only after “a colossal fight” with the then merchant.

New York magazine on Friday, the allegations of columnist E. Jean Carroll, as part of published an excerpt from her upcoming book, in which she accused Trump, and several other men of inappropriate sexual behavior. They claimed the trump incident occurred at the Department store Bergdorf Goodman, either in the fall of 1995 or spring of 1996. Carroll is known for her “Ask E. Jean” column, which runs in the magazine Elle.


Trump on Friday released a lengthy statement strongly denying the accusations: “I have never met this person in my life. She’s trying to sell a new book — that should show your motivation. It should be sold that section in the fiction.”

In the statement, Carroll, had to show a daily advice, at the time, said Trump, recognized you and asked for your help in choosing a gift. You said that you section their way in the lingerie, and a dressing room.

“The moment in the dressing-room door is closed, he rushes at me, pushes me against the wall, hit my head pretty strong and puts his mouth against my lips,” Carroll wrote.

In the in-depth detail, Carroll wrote that Trump held her against a wall and pulled her pantyhose.


“In the next moment, with the right business attire, shirt, tie, suit, jacket, coat, he opens the cloak, opens his pants and forced not to trust his fingers around my private area, his penis half or full, I’m sure — in me,” she said. “It turns into a huge fight.”

Finally, Carroll claims she was able to break away.

“I finally get a knee high enough to slide out of him and gone and I turn, open the door and lead them out of the locker room,” she said. “The whole episode does not take more than three minutes.”


Carroll that they are not admitted in the statement, report it to the authorities at the time. She said she has dismissed hesitated to come forward until now out of fear”, is pulled through the cocoa.”

In a fiery statement, the President said: “shame on those who make up false stories of assault in order to try to get publicity for themselves, or sell you a book, or run a political agenda.” Trump said: “should the people pay a high price for these false accusations.”

“False accusations, reduce the severity of the real assault,” Trump said. “All should condemn false accusations and an actual attack in the strongest possible terms.”

But while the President said that he had never met Carroll before, the article published online on Friday by the New York Magazine included a photo of Trump, with his then-wife Ivana Trump, in an interview with Carroll and her husband at a party.

New York magazine pointed out that Carroll is the 16th woman to accuse trump of sexual misconduct, since he ran for President. He has denied the previous allegations.

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