Long Island man allegedly shoves boy after catching kid shooting wife: report

Video shot by the boy friend, shows the husband of the woman who has to shove the boy to the ground for smashing his mobile phone.

A man on New York’s Long Island, was on Tuesday arrested after he allegedly shoved a 12-year-old boy who was filming his wife, who has a number of residents in the support of the father who have been charged, NBC New York reported.

The alleged victim told the station that a woman in her car was his recording of him and his friends with her cell phone, so he said that he and his friends filmed her.

In the mobile phone footage captured by one of the boy’s friend, the husband of the woman seems to walk and slide of the boy on the ground before smashing his mobile phone.

“After it happened, I was scared and worried what he would do,” the boy said to the transmitter. CBS New York reported that the boy sustained a concussion.

William Conte was arrested and charged with harassment and criminal mischief.

The alleged attacker was identified by authorities as William Conte, 39. He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and harassment.

The father of the boy called Conte a coward.

But some neighbors had a different take, saying aggressive children on the bike are a growing problem.

“There is a video of these kids walk around with their bicycles, stopping cars, in the presence of cars that they almost, in fact, force you to hit them,” said Michael Shain, who lives on the other side of the street where the incident occurred.

Shain said the boy and his friends had taunted the woman and her two children, and tried to throw a dead snake in her car.

“These children are not innocent by any means,” he said. “They started with, and unfortunately, the father went to protect his wife and two small children.”

These children are not innocent. She started, and unfortunately, the father went to protect his wife and two small children.

– Michael Shain, neighbour

But the father of the boy said that their actions do not lead to an attack.

“They did nothing sat. Even if they throw a rock at the car, it does not justify hitting a child. It just doesn’t work,” he said.

Bradford Betz is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @bradford_betz.

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