Lol, Frank hopes to have children with difficulty in sleeping again to help out

Lol, Frank is hoping for a new season to be able to make The Slaapservice, it is a program in which she and her air mattress and a suitcase full of slaaptrucs to visit with children who suffer from sleep disorders.

“We’re getting some e-mails from kids who want to sign up,” says Frank, (36) with on Dutch television a program for The Slaapservice, which has some of the episodes have been aired.

The tv presenter decided to do the program because they have a lot of stories heard about kids who are difficult to get to sleep. Also, she wanted to take the atmosphere to recover from the earlier a short documentary that they made, where they have interviews to do in bed.

“You have to be very quiet when you are lying in bed,” said Frank. “If the light is switched off, the actual phone calls. You’re right, and you do not necessarily have to watch it. The combination of an intimate atmosphere, combined with the sleep problems of the children, seemed to be a great man.”

Frank is made of a white-noise machine to the other

The show made more of a white-noise machine, a container and a fan in front of a girl who suffered from noises in the house. “You can hear the noise from the fan in the can. Thus, a monotonous sound that helps to get to sleep.”

Another little girl was afraid of the horrorclowns. “That’s when we have the omtovertechniek” will be used, and suggested that such a clown is a different look and a crazy skirt wearing.”

Myself, Frank is generally a good sleeper. “I travel a lot for work, so I often suffer from jetlags. What I’m doing, my breathing and counting. If I’m doing a kind of bodyscan, which is a male-in all the parts of my body painting. That are the things that will help you.”

The Slaapservice up to and including Sunday the 10th of november, every week, at 18.20 hours on NPO Zapp.

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