Loïs Lane regrets elimination grants for music venues

Loïs Lane regrets elimination grants for music venues

Monique and Suzanne Klemann Dutch band Loïs Lane to lament the loss of subsidies for cultural institutions. According to them, have novice musicians because of this, a lot less opportunity to break through.

“In the past were a lot of clubs subsidised. That we miss now a little,” says Suzanne Klemann to News.

The sisters regularly receive from young artists to hear that they wegbezuinigen of the subsidies a big impact. “Vroger we had a huge platform, much because of the subsidy was”, says Klemann. “As a future starting band you could play anywhere. Everyone went to the theater or to a concert. Each hole had its own hall.”

“The visitor numbers are very back,” says Monique Klemann. “Today, it is a hard life to be a starting musician.”

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