‘Local residents poultry industry run greater risk of pneumonia’

‘Local residents poultry industry run greater risk of pneumonia’

People who are within a radius of one km of a poultry business to live, more chance of pneumonia. It comes to an increased risk of 11 percent, according to research in North-Brabant of the University of Utrecht and UMC Utrecht.

Researchers looked at 92.500 huisartsendossiers with a thousand cases of pneumonia around Tilburg. “Now there is more insight into the precise causes of pneumonia around poultry farms,” says professor Dick Heederik of the HH in de Volkskrant.

In a second study looked into the composition of the bacterieflora in the throat of patients. From DNA analysis of 126 patients in the vicinity of a poultry business turned out to be a disturbance of the bacterial population.

“As a result, potential bad guy, as the pneumokok the chance for pneumonia to cause,” said Heederik. “Unlike the Q-fever cases around geitenboerderijen, it seems that a specific bacterium from the poultry farm is the cause. Large-scale emissions of dust particles plays the already present pneumokok in the map.”

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