‘Living conditions have more influence on the development of cancer genetics’

‘Living conditions have more influence on the development of cancer genetics’

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Cancer would more frequently be caused by changes in DNA of cells during our lives takes place, the DNA of cells that are genetically determined. “The identification of these defects is a difficult challenge, since many processes may be affected.”

From the research would further prove that exposure to carcinogenic substances, such as large amounts of alcohol, can cause a shift in the balance of the repair-DNA-power.

Conclude that scientists at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG). Their findings were published Thursday in the scientific journal Cell.


The research examined the scientists more than a thousand tumorgenomen (a genome is the totality of genetic information in one cell, ed.), where they were looking for abnormalities that are close to each other in the same genome occurred, making it unlikely it would be that these deviations are by chance occurred.

The aim of the research is to gain a better understanding on the different factors that human cells change and can cause cancer.

Serial killer

“By looking at the different deviations which are next to each other and at the same time, we can better understand what the DNA damage”, said lead researcher Fran Supek.

“Just as the police have a pattern examines the recurring criminal activities to a serial killer to tackle, we show that focusing on patterns of clustered defects to help in the identification of the culprits these abnormalities in tumors.”

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