Liverpool’s manager Klopp: ‘Goal for United, putting all the problems of the VAR subject’

Liverpool’s manager, Jürgen Klopp, had on Sunday after the game against Manchester United (1-1) is not a good word to say about the value. In accordance with the German guy has the videoarbitragesysteem have a lot of problems.

Marcus Rashford took United half an hour in the lead at Old Trafford. It took some time before the goal is scored by the referee, Martin Atkinson, was approved as the value of a potential violation by Victor Lindelöf on Divock Origi had ever seen. Without the referee to the side and was called in to view it, was the goal to be valid.

“This goal puts all of the problems with value at risk to expose it,” said an irritated Klopp to Sky Sports. Mr. Atkinson allows play to go on, because it is currently the protocol is using the value at risk. Finally, the images show that there was contact and that a violation was made. However, there is nothing to be done.”

Shortly after the goal, Rashford looked like Sadio Mané at the end to write it down. This time, hold the value, however, and the goal is disallowed because of the Senegalese, in the run-up to his goal, the hands had made it.

“A little bit of everything, was at it today, but we’re not losing. That is a positive. We deserved that point for a the full one hundred per cent”, according to Klopp, his team five minutes from time to time by a goal from the substitute Adam Lallana on the 1-to-1 saw it coming.

Virgil van Dijk grabbed by Liverpool on Saturday in addition to a remarkable record. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Van Dijk: “This is all part of the game’

Virgil van Dijk is expected to also be the decision of the arbitration proceedings, but that he was well aware of the situation boils down to. “I see, original production for the ground, and it’s not just going to lie down”, said the defender, when At the Sport.

“The value is decided, then, that it is not a violation, and that is what we have to accept it. Then, the Mané clear, though, that he has hands and uses the value at risk, visit. This is where the videoscheidsrechter also be used for this purpose. This sort of thing is part of it.”

Liverpool made it a tie against United for the first time this season, the points are in the Premier League, and took side-a remarkable record. The last season is taken into account were the ‘Reds’ less than seventeen Premier League matches in a row won the game. The record will remain in the hands of Manchester City in 2017, with eighteen competitiezeges in a row is good.

The team’s manager, Jürgen Klopp, is to 25 points, still leading the pack in the Premier League. The gap with number two, with Manchester City six points is still good.

To view the results of the mode, and the program will be in the Premier League

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