Little control of worms, one of the loudest sounds in the ocean

This type of a loud “pop” when they are in what is called the “mouth battle.” (Credit: Kyoto University/Ryutaro Goto)

A small, spicy worms, which live off the coast of Japan, and a fight by headbutting each other, and they are not quiet about it. During this death, the worms, the jets have one of the loudest sounds in the ocean, according to a new study.

The source of our world hullabaloo, is a semi-transparent, segmented worm is called the Leocratides kimuraorum, who are living in the sponges, 279, 554 feet (85 to 169 feet deep off the coast of Japan. [The 12 Weirdest Animal Discoveries]

These wigglies are just a little bit more than an inch (29 millimeter) long, and have long tentacles and a big mouth (literally). These seemingly peaceful beings, revealing their true nature, to bring it into the lab. A group of researchers used an instrument called a hydrophone, to record the 15 substances that have been emitted from the three-kimuraorums when they were fighting.

A marine’s score, as the researchers dub the “mouth-fighting,” as the worms approach each other over with their mouths open. During these meetings, the worms, the pharyngeal muscles expand rapidly, creating a cavitation bubble that collapses and it produces a loud “pop” when the worms are launched in succession.

The researchers found that these substances can be reached 157 db at the water surface (which is a measure of the frequency in the air. On the right, next to the water, the pops sounded like people snapping their fingers, and lead author of Goto Ryutaro, is an assistant professor at Kyoto University, told Live Science. “Even though they will probably be louder as you can hear, that they are in the water.”

The size is about as hard as snapping shrimp, which is one of the biggest trouble makers in the pacific, the authors wrote. What’s more, they found that these worms do not make a sound and just plain weird, they are only so when they were fighting.

“They will be able to make use of the word-to fight to defend territory, or in the living room from the other worms,” the authors wrote July 8 in the journal Current Biology. “A very loud pop, that can be a byproduct of the mouth, quick to attack, but it can also aid to intraspecific communication.” A loud noise, or any other way you will be able to determine the winner of the fight, or even to find the whereabouts of the nearby worms, ” they wrote.

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Originally published on Live Science.

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