Lithuania is going to fence Russian exclave of Kaliningrad build

Lithuania is going to fence Russian exclave of Kaliningrad build

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Lithuania is planning to build a corral along the border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. The two metre high fence would be especially illegal border crossings must occur.

Lithuanian politicians have the will pronounced a physical border to throw against Russia, said the Lithuanian minister Eimutis Misiunas of the Interior Tuesday.

He acknowledged that the fence of a military invasion can not resist, but the fence is primarily for illegal activities. Lithuania is worried about the Russian threat.

The Baltic states fear that Russia’s increasingly aggressive attitude after the annexation of the Crimea and the military operations in Eastern Ukraine and Syria. In the Baltic states, is home to many ethnic Russians.


Lithuania and Poland share a border with the Russian exclave, which is completely disconnected from the Russian mainland.

In 2014 it came to problems at the Russian border when an Estonian security officer disappeared. He was in Russia, sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, but came in 2015 on free feet by an exchange. Estonia claims that the man was kidnapped from Estonia, while Russia states that he the border illegally had crossed.


In October it was announced that Russia’s anti-aircraft guns places in Kaliningrad. Russia is doing that in his own words in response to the threat of the NATO.

The Baltic states are members of NATO, which in the recent period of military exercises has been set up to the allies to reassure. Also, there is a permanent flitsmacht of the NATO set up.

Millions of

The fence at the border this year will be reduced and cost 3.6 million euros. The fence is fifty kilometers long and connect the entire border, with the exception of lakes, rivers and swamps.

Previously worked in Lithuania in the hermetic closure of the border with belarus, because there are a lot of problems with kidnappings and smuggling.

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