Listen to the first single of Iwein and The Dealers: “We act only in love”

Comedian and actor Iwein Segers has a new group, The Dealers. First single “We are the last’ is enkeldiep in the 90’s: “The oldest songs on the album I wrote around my twentieth.’

Iwein and The Dealers © Iwein and The Dealers

Bassist and vocalist in the Group of Jesus, an interesting footnote in the great Book of the Belpop. Finalist Comedy Casino Cup, in the year of Philippe Geubels and Xander De Rycke. Winner of the audience award at the Leiden Cabaret Festival. Survivor in Expedition Robinson, an actor in movies and television and voice of Eat between Peter Van Asbroeck and Herman Verbruggen. An average person would get seasick from the life of Iwein Segers.

The latest line on Segers’ cv is called The Dealers. ‘Flemish, so not The Dealers. It still sounds cooler than it is, you know, ” says Segers apologetically. ‘We trade no drugs, only love.’ We, that is next to Segers drummer Micha Vandendriessche, founder of cabaretgroep The Clean Entertainment, Raf Ilsbroekx, who previously guided for its kleinkunstvoorstelling The Family Segers, and bassist Wim Buysse.

The band is now, after a few small concerts, album with the single ‘We are the last’. That does in fact love under the microscope, but from the position of the loser. ‘She comes to me / and she is already too late / and she asks me / if I already love her.’ Or again: “The places are well known / we are the last.’ “But eventually, he finds yet love, perfect for Valentine’s day!’ laughs the singer.

Who Segers follows, know that he likes to include for those who do not belong, and for themselves to which group of charges. Itself he portrayed himself in the Comedy Casino with kaufmaniaanse antihumor, and in the podcast Mussels at half past two dissected his fascination with Eddy Wally.

Knight Ywein

Musically, it showcases the band 90. Himself calls the band the Lemonheads and the Afghan Whigs as references, already crawling, there is also often a stripe Pixies. “A number of songs I wrote around my twingste. Of course I was there for the plate is massive, but the atmosphere of our childhood is of course to hang out, ” explains Segers. Despite the dark undertone goes Segers live in full for the rockbeleving. “There are no new Dutch-language rock bands that are not in the dialect sing. The beacons continue to north Cape, Gorki, and The Man, both for my texts as well as for the concerts.’

In the summer, Iwein Segers and The Dealers have a single, in the autumn, follows the plate End for beginners is Already Segers never on one project at a time: “I write on a tv series and film, acting in The gang of Jan the Light and work to a kindertheaterstuk about a certain Knight Ywein never a dragon can defeat, and therefore not a princess. A lion allows himself to beat, out of pity, and is best friends with the knight. Yes, it’s been about the outcast.’

Listen below to “We are the last’. In the lead you recognize actress Nathalie Wijnants (including at Home).

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