Listen: keyboard player David Poltrock immerses Triggerfinger under in grey electronics

After years of having played in the service of large Belgian groups drive David Poltrock in 2018 for its own account. Three albums brings the man next year, but already he threw Colossus of Triggerfinger in the mix.

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Who on live performances sometimes look beyond the front man is great, to recognize the face of David Poltrock. The keyboardist has been one of the most popular sidemen in the Belgian pop scene and plays with The Man, Triggerfinger, and Hooverphonic. But after hours he works as a private project.

“I think the need to do something private to anyone for the rest at the service of others,” says Poltrock. ‘That is not a question of in the spotlights, or to do something for which you yourself will be held accountable. Many of the articles in my studio, I was able to now live nowhere to integrate. Now I can entertain with all my stuff’, he laughs.


‘I’m aiming for both clubs, theatres and at festivals of contemporary classical music.’

In Poltrock, the soloartiest, years ideas together. “I’ve been a long time jamming and experimenting,” says the pianist. ‘At first it was something à la Aphex Twin, but not nearly as good. Eventually I got the mustard out of all kinds of musical corners, after a long search for something to get to where I really feel comfortable with and that I have never otherwise have heard.”

Next year brings David Poltrock no less than three albums out, each with the same pianomelodieën as a basis. “The first album will be very minimal, on the second I experiment with dark ambientsoundscapes. The third album is a bit more clubby.’

Notable: with all three panels is Poltrock to the farmers. ‘I’m aiming for both clubs, theatres and at festivals of contemporary classical music. My piano I will always carry. That I fill with electronics depending on the occasion, but with the instrument itself, I also do lots of things: I put fabric against the hammers, or insert objects between the strings.’

Poltrocks first achievements are the own composition #Mute4, and a remix of Colossus, the last single of his broodheren of Triggerfinger. He dunked the vocals of the song in a pitch-black bath, inspired by the dark, distorted music of ambientkunstenaar Ben Frost. ‘The band was at least surprised when they the remix heard, they were softer music from me used to it. However, they do very well.’

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