Lisa page, witness: the agreement is still unproven by the time of Müller special counsel appointment

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Lisa page, more coming” as a Strzok on anti-Trump lyrics

Former FBI lawyer, is speaking to the house panel on dealing with Russia investigation; Rep. Gohmert a recapitulation of the closed-door meeting.

More than nine months after the FBI opened its high-counterintelligence investigation classified the alleged coordination between the Trump campaign, and Russia, the FBI lawyer Lisa page said investigators could not yet say whether there is collusion, according to a copy of the page of the last closed-door deposition contribution from Fox News.

“I think this means that so far, in may 2017, we could not always answer the question,” Page said.

Page was responding to Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe of Texas, and wanted more information about a Possibly 2017 of the text on the page, and her colleague and lover, FBI agent Peter Strzok discussed the benefits of accession, Special Counsel Robert Müller to the team.
Page sat down for the transcribed interview in front of the house judiciary and oversight bodies in the middle of July, in the framework of a joint congressional investigation of the justice Department dealing with Russia-Clinton-E-Mail-probes.

According to the transcript, page mid-answer, stopped.”…sorry. Can I consult with counsel? I’m sorry. I need to check with the FBI’s advice for a moment.”

s of the transcript reviewed by Fox Ratcliffe show the line of questioning followed, at least three other times, and different answers.

Former FBI lawyer, Lisa page

(Associated Press)

“I can’t Ratcliffe the specifics in a confidential interview,” said Fox News when asked for comment. “But I can say that Lisa page left me with the impression, based on your own words, that the lead investigator had found the Russian understandings of the case of Peter Strzok, no evidence of collusion after almost a year.”

“Lisa page left me with the impression, based on your own words, that the lead investigator had found the Russian understandings of the case of Peter Strzok, no evidence of collusion after almost a year.”

– U.S. Rep., John Ratcliffe, R-Texas

The may 18, 2017, the text was highlighted by Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, in his recent report on the handling of the Clinton-E-Mail probe, the FBI and the justice Department. The day after the Special Counsel Robert Mueller date for the Russia probe on may 17, Strzok and page discussed whether Strzok should team Miller.

“Who gives a f*ck, a(ssistant) D(Director of)…(versus) (a)n examination, the prosecution?” Strzok texted on may 18, according to the IG report. Strzok later continued, “…you and I know the chances are nothing. If I thought there was probably no question would be me. I hesitate in part because my gut sense, and concern there are no major there.”

The transcript shows Ratcliffe read the text exchange-almost literally-to-side and asked you to explain it, especially if the lead investigator thought on the Russia agreement, case, agent Strzok, “the chances were nothing, and he had a concern, it was no big about collusion…”

Page said: “no, I think so. I think it is a reflection of us still don’t know…It still was in the realm of possibility that there is literally nothing, probably not nothing nothing, as we probably knew more than that by this point. But in the scheme of possible results, the severity of an obviously serious crime is enough to charge; but on the other scale, which, you know, maybe a ignorant man was, in fact, the release of information, but it did not, ultimately, do not touch any conductive, you know, the people in the administration or the campaign. And so the text is a reflection of just kind of the spectrum.”

During the deposition, Page said, she was difficult to be “cagey”, but there will be restrictions on what could give you a price. “I’m not supposed to talk about the sufficiency of the evidence, so that is why I am weighing my words carefully.”

Page continued: “the investigation is fluid, right? And so at different times, are promising and leads to fade. And so I can not — I can not answer more, his mood with reference to this particular text, but to certainly this point in time, the case We had no answer. This is very clear. And I think we all went kind of back and forth about the how, what — what the answer was really going on.”

Special Counsel Robert Müller

May 2017 is an important month, because FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Trump and Miller special counsel was referred to. In August, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller, wrote the still-secret”,” memo spelling out the limits on the special counsel investigation.

The text and the side of the reaction, Congress sources said, to raise, to predicate key questions about the probe and whether until the summer of 2017 had moved largely to an obstruction in the case of non-Russia agreement.

Fox News asked, side, attorney, comment on the members of Congress, the assessment of the deposition, but there was no immediate response.

When Horowitz asked Strzok about the “no major, there are” texts, Strzok said: “to My question (was) whether or not this represented a large, coordinated conspiracy or not. And when I saw what professional fulfillment would be, what I thought would be the best use of my skills and talents for the FBI and for the United States, whether to take, which way.”

Catherine Herridge is an award-winning chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, DC she covers intelligence, the justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Herridge joined FNC in 1996 as the London correspondent.

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