Lion Air passengers suffer broken bones and head wounds after man makes false bomb threat

Passengers fled the Lion Air plane after listening to 26 year old, Frantinus Nirigi, telling a flight attendant there was a bomb on the Boeing 737 on Monday night.

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At least 10 passengers on a flight to prepare for the start of the island of Borneo were injured, most of them with a broken nose and head wounds, after there was panic when a man claimed there was a bomb on board from the Indonesian police said on Tuesday.

Passengers heard the 26-year-old man, Frantinus Nirigi, telling a flight attendant there was a bomb on the Lion Air Boeing 737, which was carrying 189 passengers to Jakarta on Monday night, said the West Kalimantan police spokesman Nanang Purnomo. A possible inspection of the plane found no explosives.


After Nirigi made the bomb claim, another passenger broke open the emergency exits, leaving the passengers in panic flights of the aircraft, Purnomo said. He and Nirigi were both arrested.

The Video images of the passengers in panic after a claimed to be a bomb on board during the boarding, on a @LionAirID jet on #PNKairport

This is the 9th #bombhoax on planes in Indonesia in May 2018. 🙁

— Gerry Soejatman (@GerryS) May 28, 2018

Video posted online showed dozens of people standing on the plane’s right wing. Some slid down the right engine and landed on the asphalt.

Purnomo eight passengers were hospitalized with broken bones and head wounds, while two others had minor injuries. The police gave no details about how the passengers were injured.

In a video taken by a passenger and posted online, a flight attendant who is only as Cindy told the airport authorities that the passengers were pushing each other after the captain asked them to leave the plane immediately.

“I asked other passengers immediately stepped off the plane quietly and orderly, but they pushed each other and scrambled out of the plane,” she said.

Airline spokesman Danang Mandala said in a statement that the one-hour flight was delayed because a passenger was in a panic opened both the emergency exits on the right side of the aircraft without instructions from the cabin crew.

He said a “bomb ” joke” is not a valid reason to force someone to open an emergency exit without the crew of the instructions.

No suspicious objects were found after a thorough inspection of the aircraft by the police and security staff at Supadio airport in Pontianak city. The flight departed to Jakarta, the indonesian capital, after a three hour delay, said Lukman Nurjaman, Lion Air’s district manager in Pontianak.


The incident is the latest bomb hoax on flights in Indonesia. On Sunday, Lion Air removed from a 25-year-old passenger of a flight departure from Jakarta on the way to Malaysia, after he joked about the presence of a bomb on board. The indonesian airline Garuda delays a flight in March after a passenger claimed he had a bomb.

The national police spokesman Mohammed Iqbal said that the two men arrested Monday in the incident face up to eight years in prison.

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