‘Links between Huawei and controversial companies much more closely than previously thought”

The ties between the Chinese telecomfabrikant Huawei and two controversial companies would much more closely than was known, writes Reuters on Tuesday on the basis of documents that the news agency has seen.

The United States suspect Huawei through the company Skycom business in Iran, while that due to U.s. sanctions is prohibited.

Huawei calls Skycom is a business partner, but the Us authorities claim that the hong Kong-based company is part of Huawei. In december, Huawei-topvrouw Meng Wanzhou in the context of this research, arrested.

According to Reuters, let documents show that a senior Huawei employee was appointed as manager for Skycom in Iran. Three other employees would also bank accounts of both Huawei as Skycom have managed.

Previously revealed to Reuters, all of that Mix between February 2008 and april 2009 in the board of directors of Skycom has been. Mix is currently the financial director of Huawei.

‘Huawei sold share Skycom to empty company’

Huawei would be shares in Skycom in 2007 have sold to Canicula. This company, that only exists on paper, is located on the East African island of Mauritius. Canicula, in turn, would also be fully managed by Huawei.

Huawei-topvrouw Mix is arrested, because they would have lied about the actual links between the telecommunications company and Skycom. Later she is released on bail.

The arrest of Meng has to the relations between the United States and China further sharpened.

The American authorities also claim that Huawei by the Chinese government is used for espionage. Huawei is the global market leader in the field of telecom equipment.

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