Link found between coffee drinking and longer life

Link found between coffee drinking and longer life

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Researchers have found a correlation between coffee drinking and longer life. In terms of higher life expectancy, there is no difference between decaffeinated and regular coffee.

That is the conclusion of European researchers and Us researchers on Tuesday published their findings in Annals of Internal Medicine.For the European study followed a group of scientists longer than sixteen years 521.330 people from ten different European countries.

Also, they looked at the blood of 14,000 respondents, and found that coffee drinkers a healthier liver, less substances in their blood that a number of serious diseases can cause and that they are more sensitive to insulin. Where the protective effect of coffee exactly comes from, is still unknown.

American research

For the Us survey looking at scientists of two universities for some twenty years, the data of 185.000 Americans. For both studies, we looked at the koffieconsumptie of the participants, any condition they had, and which she eventually died. These data were linked to each other.

Hereinafter, the investigators concluded that coffee drinkers, in particular, fewer problems with the digestive system and less likely to have heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and kidney disease.


In the Volkskrant puts Marianne Geleijnse, professor of nutrition and cardiovascular disease at Wageningen University, still two comments on the research. “Maybe the differences people coffee not like in organic way of coffee lovers, or work their metabolism is different and so they suffer from the effects of coffee. And maybe keep that metabolic rate, and that dna profile, without that we know, again related to a different risk of mortality.”

“Many who drink coffee, drink something else is not, may be less unhealthy, sugary beverages,” says Geleijnse. The lower mortality could also be partly related.

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