Linda Hakeboom ‘as a woman’ faster access to young CELEBRITIES

Linda Hakeboom ‘as a woman’ faster access to young CELEBRITIES

Linda Hakeboom find that she, as a woman, faster access to young celebrities like Lil’ Small and Timor Steffens. “I can’t quite explain, but I feel that the positive work.”

“I think that a male filmmaker a whole different set of questions than I am. I ask: “what happens now in your head’, which question, they are not really used to it. And I am also no competition, so they do not mine sturdier than they are,” she says to

For the four-part docu-series Linda’s Men follows the televisiemaakster rapper Lil’ Small dancer Steffens, footballer Ricardo Kishna and YouTuber Giel the Winter of StukTV. She calls them “celebrities with a raw edge.”

Or the viewer the raw edge in the broadcasts clearly to see, let Hakeboom in the middle. “You can have a lot of exclusive images expect. Lil’ Small let me make my own way. He gave me access to his private life, that was really special.”

“A good time was that he was a time all the way from his plate went because it somewhere was denied. A few minutes later, he asked me: I went too far? Then, you will see still the sensitive boy behind the creator of the hit Drink & Drugs. He does however, take into account how he behaves.”


Hakeboom got at the four men get the feeling that they are in the group heard. “Sometimes you can see me in the background sitting on their Instagramfoto. As part of the furniture, haha. But that shows what role I had: I was not a guest, but part of the group of friends.”

Linda’s Men is broadcast on NPO3. The transmitter draws are not currently a lot of young viewers, but that is Hakeboom no problem. “You have now YouTube and soon even NPO Started, giving you all the programs on the HD can look back. Ratings are nowadays not so important anymore; your program is now through so many different ways looked.”


“A program like #ANGRY of Tim Hofman is an excellent example,” continues the 31-year-old presenter. Whether they themselves ever have a webseries goes, they don’t know for sure. Recently she was seen in the 3LAB program Cupida. It is not clear whether this is a sequel. “I found it very fun to do, but it is not up to me to make a follow-up.”

Linda’s Men is Tuesday at 22.10 hours at NPO3 broadcast.

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