Lil’ late softer side of themselves on new album

Lil’ late softer side of themselves on new album

Lil’ Kleine, said on his second plate, which Friday appears, to a more personal and softer side of herself to show. “That I can only in music.”

“I would be much more effort now have all sorts of private matters to rekindle,” explains the rapper to The Telegraph. So he doesn’t want to talk about his mother, with whom he has no contact anymore. “I talk to her no more, you interviews míj yet?”

About business success, wants the 22-year-old Lil’ Small. “In fact, it does not matter whether there is one or a thousand sales,” says the rapper about his second album. “But beautiful figures are, of course, be recognition, and that’s a thrill. Also, gold and platinum money on.”

That last he finds important, it gives Lil’ Small. “It’s not only the music, but also business smart. On the plate I wonder how my life had seen if this is success to me was not to happen.”

“Chance is that I still number of mopeds was stealing with the boys of the square. But in the end I think I after a while still, what else to do had found. Because if I’m so honest; I am smart enough.”

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