Light physical effort is good for brain over-50s

Light physical effort is good for brain over-50s

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It is good for the brains of over-50s to multiple times per week of light physical effort. According to an Australian study have the memory and denkvaardigheid the most benefit from the training of the heart and muscles on a regular basis.

Researchers from the University of Canberra analysed 39 previous studies. It was also highlighted that the positive effect of light exercise may also can work for people that already have a cognitive decline is observed.

Several trials suggest in the study that aerobic exercises mainly to help cognitive skills such as reading, thinking, learning and reasoning, to improve. Muscle training has a significant effect on the memory, and the ability to plan and organize, the so-called executive functions.

The researchers are aware that not all elderly people are able to severe to mild physical effort. For those recommended to the researchers, forms of movement such as tai chi.


According to the researchers, the effects of exercise are positive because it ensures that the brain more blood, oxygen and nutrients to be able to receive. Also promotes the production of growth hormones.

“Even with a mild exercise for one or two times per week to improve cognitive functions,” says researcher Joe Northey. “But the chance of improvement is greater when there is more movement.”

In the Netherlands there is a bewegingsadvies for the over-55s at least five days, but preferably seven, per week, half an hour of exercise. This can include activities such as walking the dog, gardening, but also in the gym. In addition, it is recommended that at least 2 times per week strength exercises to do.

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