‘Light move after concussion child better than rest’

‘Light move after concussion child better than rest’

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It can be for children with a concussion are conducive to their recovery, to quickly move.

The symptoms of a concussion appear to be more common or worse in kids who have the week after the injury occurred barely moved. Children that light exercise, such as swimming or walking, showed less symptoms.

The researchers surveyed 2.400 Canadian children aged five to eighteen years. The results are published in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

The patients and their parents were asked about the symptoms that the children experienced and their degree of motion on the seventh and the 28th day after the concussion was suffered.


The group quickly went to move, had 29 percent after 28 days suffer from complaints such as headaches and nausea. In the research group, rest, loved, this was 40 percent.

Children who suffered three or more symptoms in the first week, light activity took, had, after 28 days, 25 percent lower burden of (getting worse) symptoms than the group that peace held.

“Of course it is important to be cautious in the first period after the concussion is sustained,” says dr. Roger Zamek, physician of the children’s hospital in Eastern Ontario. The research showed, however, that children have a faster may move more often due to the doctor is recommended.

It can even be more harmful to long to take a rest. When children move, stimulates the blood circulation. This is the fun that they all move get also positive for the recovery.

According to Zamek, there is further research needed to determine the ideal timing and bewegingsintensiteit after a concussion to determine.

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