Life on Mars: Fantastic models reveal how it could look like



Scientists say that a large lake of salt water buried on Mars

If the results are confirmed, this is the discovery that many scientists have been waiting for: A specific place to target in their search for microbial extraterrestrial life.

If you are looking forward to the time when the people can decamp to the Red Planet, you’ll be pleased to know that NASA is considering what that Martian habitats—and the results are incredible.

The space agency along with Bradley University for the Centennial Challenges competition, and a task of designing structures that could house astronauts, and can actually survive the martian terrain, the weather and the atmosphere.

All submissions of Mars-appropriate accommodation had to incorporate 3-D printing.

“They are not only the design of structures, they are the design of habitats that will allow our space explorers will work and live on other planets,” the Centennial Challenges program director Monsi Roman said in a statement.


A total of 18 teams competed in the challenge, and the five selected below, split a $ 100,000 prize. You can watch the virtual model videos for each entry here, and read more about the rules of the multi-year challenge here.

1st Place: Team Zopherus of Rogers, Arkansas


2nd Place: AI. SpaceFactory of New York


3rd Place: Kahn-Yates of Jackson, Mississippi


4th Place: SEArch+/ – Apis of Cor of New York


5th Place: Northwestern University of Evanston, Illinois


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