‘Life in the big city increases the chances of psychosis’

‘Life in the big city increases the chances of psychosis’

Adolescents in the big city to live, would be 40 percent more likely to have a psychotic experience.

According to a new study from King’s College London and Duke University, published in Schizophrenia Bulletin.

More than two thousand British unit was asked to psychotic symptoms since the age of twelve, may have experienced such as hearing voices or experiencing paranoid feelings. Also it was asked whether they ever had to do with crime and or she is the victim.

It was found that young people who are in the major cities in England and Wales grew, on average, 40 percent more often such experiences to have had, than peers who live in smaller towns or villages. This difference remained significant when account was taken was with drug use, socio-economic status, and history of psychosis in the family of the participating youth.


This would, according to the researchers, especially as these young people live in worse neighborhoods, or have experienced crime. Among young people in deprived urban areas, were growing up and were victims of a crime, gave 62 percent to a psychotic experience to have experienced. This number was three times higher than adolescents who are more in the direction of the countryside.

70 percent of the people who ever experiencing psychotic symptoms, gets here during his puberjaren for the first time.

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