‘Life expectancy is going to quickly limit of ninety years, passing’

‘Life expectancy is going to quickly limit of ninety years, passing’

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People are getting older. Around 2030, the life expectancy at birth is probably the limit of ninety years pass. So the girls will be in 2030 were born in South Korea, on average, almost 91 years old.

This gives South Korea the highest life expectancy worldwide. Girls from France, Japan and Spain pick up the ninety.

That is, a study in the medical magazine The Lancet. Such a high life expectancy was once nearly impossible, but the researchers think that the end of the rise not yet in sight.

South Korea has also in men the highest life expectancy. A boy that will be there in 2030 is born, can 84. The life expectancy is increasing not only for babies but also for adults, for example, because the medical science in the last decades a tremendous development has gone through. As for many illnesses and aandoedingen now a (better) treatment is available in comparison with fifty years ago.


The life expectancy is a snapshot. A woman who in 1965, in South Korea, was born, according to the current estimates 92,5 years old and is much older than scientists in her year of birth had estimated. The current life expectancy of a girl in 2030 (91 years) is indeed lower than that of a woman from 1965, but is still much higher than the forecast in 1965 at birth. The average life expectancy of babies increases.

If the rising pattern continues, are also babies who in 2030 will be born in the future may be much older than we now predict. The life expectancy for the life to increase further, for example, by the development of better medical care.

That South Koreans are so old, is because of their way of life: low blood pressure, little smoke, good health care and good nutrition for children.

The netherlands

The life expectancy of Dutch men is on the fifth place in the world. Little boys here in 2030 to be born, have a life expectancy of 83,7 years. Dutch girls from 2030 to sit with 85,4 year in the middle of the table. Dutch women from 1965 after 2030 for an average of 23 years to life, men yet to 21.5 years.

The United States will be in 2030 the lowest life expectancy of the rich countries. The researchers due to high moordcijfers, overweight, high infant mortality and poor access to health care.

The research has also shown that women older than men, but that the difference becomes smaller. “Men lived unhealthier and therefore had a lower life expectancy. They drank and smoked more, had more accidents and were more often killed. The lives of men and women becoming more equal and so also their life expectancy,” said the researchers.

According to another study, the life expectancy of women will always remain higher than that of men. It would be genetically determined.

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