Liberal billionaire apologizes for the financing of ‘false-flag’ power to link the Kremlin to the Republicans in the Alabama Senate race

nearvideo democratic operatives created fake Russian bots to link Russia to Roy Moore in Alabama election

Liberal Silicon Valley billionaire Reid Hoffman issued an apology on Wednesday for the financing of the group, which incorrectly tries to convey an impression, to support the Russian government Alabama Republican Roy Moore, the last year of the Senate election against now-Sen. Doug Jones.

Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, a Silicon Valley top funders of Democratic campaigns and PACs. In the last election cycle, he donated $7 million to the Democratic groups, but the money also flows in a non-traditional groups, the reports assigned to their funding and often operate in the shadows.

One of these groups, the American commitment Technologies (AET), a company is, the earlier Obama-officer Mikey Dickerson, who received $750,000 from Hoffman and was part of the efforts to falsely represent to the Republican Senate as the bid is supported by the Kremlin.


Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, says he found that if we tell someone, you buy a house in new Zealand is “a kind of wink, wink, say no more” when it comes to survival mode.

“I think the tactics were recently reported alarming. For this reason, I am AET to keep track of embarrassing, my failure – the organization, the support I have – with more zeal to make its own decisions, to perhaps Fund projects, I would refuse,” he said in a statement to the Washington Post.

“I want to be clear: there is absolutely no place in our democracy for the Manipulation of facts or untruths, a political advantage,” he added.

Hoffman said AET was to facilitate a secret project with a budget of $100,000. A participant in the project, Jonathon Morgan, the chief executive of New Knowledge, a company that wrote and published a report by the Senate Intelligence Committee, earlier this month – on the Russian social media operations in the 2016 elections, and their efforts to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.

In a statement on Twitter, Morgan the project, denied it was aimed at influencing the election, which was won by the Democrat of 22,000 votes. “I have no campaign to influence the public,” he wrote, saying the project objectives were the support of the Jones campaign.

The money ran due to the American commitment Technologies, a company run by Mikey Dickerson, who was appointed by the former President Barack Obama with the leadership of the newly created United States Digital Service.
(YouTube/the Obama White House)

Democratic cooperatives created, the thousands of fake Russian accounts on Twitter and began following Moore, with the request that the attention of the local and national media, which suggested, incorrectly, that Russia stands behind Moore’s candidacy.

The project also included the creation of a Facebook page and mimics conservative Alabamians who were satisfied with the Republican candidates, while encouraging others to write in another candidate.


The disinformation campaign for the first time, an internal report on the was revealed by the New York Times,

“We staged an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation, planted the idea that the Moore campaign was reinforced on the social media of a Russian botnet,” the internal report said.

“We staged an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation, planted the idea that the Moore campaign was reinforced on the social media of a Russian botnet.”

— The project-internal report.

It also took credit for “radicalizing the Democrats with a Russian bot-scandal” to experiment “with many of the tactics now understood, influenced the elections of 2016.”

The multi-million-Senate Alabama race ended with Jones the victory over the fighting Republicans, lost the support of the party in the midst of allegations of misconduct, to the first Democratic senator from Alabama in more than 20 years.

Jones told Fox News that he was “appalled” about the reports, which depict in detail the efforts, the support of his opponents than by the Kremlin, calling for a Federal investigation of the project.

“I would like to see how the Federal Election Commission and the justice Department look at this, to see if there are any laws are violated, and, if there is a prosecution of those responsible,” he said. “These authorities need this example now, the course for the future, so that people know that this is not acceptable in the United States of America.”

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