Libby Schaaf, Oakland’s anti-Trump, anti-ICE, the mayor, with a view to electoral rivals, the focus on local issues

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Oakland mayor, you have the choice to share ICE raid information

Response to ‘Hannity’ to Oakland mayor warns illegal immigrants about the coming ICE raids.

Controversial mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland, Calif., touting their opposition to President Trump policy against illegal immigration while mayor challengers criticize the city’s costs of homelessness and its high standard of living.

Schaaf, a Democrat, captured headlines earlier this year after a tip from local illegal immigrants to a planned RAID by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, with challenges from three other candidates, you choice looking back. Nov. 6.

“I’m also proud when we stood up to Donald Trump when he came to the people in our community,” said Schaaf, drawing applause when they discussed their choice of rivals Wednesday, according to the Bay Area – FOX 2.

“I’m also proud when we stood up to Donald Trump when he came for the people in our community.”

– Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

They boasted that their anti-record Trump and opposition to Federal immigration policy made them a target for the administration.

The mayor was widely praised by progressive in February, when it published a warning on your social media page, saying that they “learned from several credible sources” of an incoming raid by Federal immigration authorities and urged not “to panic our residents, but to protect you.”

The mayor said she did not know, more details on ICE-operation, but claimed that they felt it was their “duty and moral obligation as mayor to the families a fair warning, if the threat appears imminent.”


But other mayoral candidates decided to focus instead on problems of greater importance for the inhabitants of California, the eight largest city with approximately 417,000 residents.

“Oakland, we knew not to be there in two years. We will not survive another two years under mayor Libby Schaaf,” candidate and civil rights attorney Pamela price told the crowd.

“We can’t afford, the development is not balanced, does not leave behind and destroy the fabric of this community,” she added, on the topic of the technology industry, the rule is in the city.

Candidate Marchon Tatman slammed Schaaf for the city’s homelessness problem, fueled by unaffordable rents, he says, has doubled in the last four years. “Everything has doubled in the last four years, with the exception of the wages,” he said.


Oakland activist cat Brooks, meanwhile, suggested to Schaaf from the left, said the city was “broken” and that Schaaf “disregarded and ignored the voices of the most impacted, Oakland community members.”

Schaaf was also accused of ignoring the needs of the people in the poor neighborhoods, when it comes to illegal dumping. “If we can do it in the hills, we can do it in the apartments,” she said. “Our mayor of the neighborhood, there were no mattresses, piles of garbage and dead rats and needles.”

“If we can do it in the hills, we can in the apartments. In our Lord mayor of the neighborhood, there were no mattresses, piles of garbage and dead rats and needles.”

Oakland Activist Cat Brooks

Schaaf defended their records, namely, Oakland was one of the most violent cities in America, and it lacked a basic investment, but it is under your guards of the city will be improved.

“Oakland’s place as the second most dangerous city in America, and there was not a single construction crane,” she said. “I’m ready to finish the work I started, and deliver a thriving, socially just city.”

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