Liam Payne took on a date by a well-known it is very difficult to

Liam Payne was the well-known for a long time, it’s difficult to date. The lead singer had a tendency to all secretly want to keep it, but now that it’s better to be open about his relationship with the model in Maya and Henry.

“I can see now that my happiness is more important than necessarily have to be a secret and want to keep them. Now that I have found to not only be my partner but also my best friend, all I can see is that it’s easy,” said the former One-Direction-singer-in an interview with MTV, which has already been recognized by the People.

“I’ve been very, very difficult to date as I can get as much attention as. And I think that it is you, and the other to each other to impose,” said the singer. Max Payne was, for a long time, together with singer Cheryl, who will now have no last name used, but is best known as Cheryl Cole. In 2017, they got their son to Bear, and Gray.

Even though the 26-year-old Payne is also not elaborate on his former relationship, he says that his current girlfriend is a more convenient way of looking at life. “They have supported me in everything, and that’s it. I think I have never been experienced before, and it’s fantastic to see that so bad to you.”

To the paternity of the singer, who scored hits with the Strip That Down, and the Familiar, to say that has changed. “I think it will grow on you, baby you could learn to be a better person.”

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