“Less shots of bowel disease-patients, thanks to online counseling’

“Less shots of bowel disease-patients, thanks to online counseling’

The e-health application MijnIBDCoach, which helps in the guidance of patients with a chronic inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) such as Crohn’s disease, turns out to be successful.

The application ensures that the number of hospital admissions is halved, there is less polibezoeken take place and that there is a better medication compliance. This is evident from a study of nearly a thousand patients in various Dutch hospitals, under the guidance of the Maastricht UMC+.

MijnIBDCoach let the patient in an interactive way about his disease, learn and let him or her communicate with his handler. That, in turn, the patient remotely monitor and if necessary take action.

Half of the onderzoekdeelnemers should use the application. From the research (Saturday published in the scientific journal The Lancet) shows that the number of patients in the hospital should be included, with 50 percent is reduced in comparison with the group that the application is not used.

As regards visits to the outpatient clinic, there is a decrease of 39 percent noted. Also, patients who use the application more satisfied about the quality of care.

80.000 Dutch

More than 80,000 Dutch people in the Netherlands suffer from a chronic bowel disease. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are the two main forms of chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine.

“This proves the value and potential of e-health applications for the more efficient organization of care”, says stomach,- intestine, leverarts Marieke Pierik.

“The tool provides a valuable contribution to the care for patients with a chronic bowel disorder. We want the cost in the future to a manageable level, then, structural changes in the care need. E-health applications, such as MijnIBDcoach, are ideally suited to the primary care process more efficient, without the interest and the needs of the patient from the eye to lose.”

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