Less death sentences handed out in the US

Less death sentences handed out in the US

Photo: AFP

The number of death sentences and executions in the US last year dropped sharply. For the first time in forty years, convicted judges in no more than ten people to death. There were twenty death sentences were carried out.

The last year that there are so few executions were was 1991. In 1999 there were 98 prisoners killed and that was a record year.

According to American media remained in the region of Los Angeles County is a leader in sentencing to death. Four criminals were given the highest punishment. In the entire state of California, heard nine criminals the ultimate condemnation, and that was the most of all states. In California prisons 750 criminals in the so-called Death Row, but in the state over the past ten years, no executions have been.

When the executions were Georgia and Texas is the most active, with respectively nine and seven cases. The other executions were in Alabama (two), and in Missouri and Florida.

According to the Us national information centre for death sentences, the country has been evident of the death penalty as the ultimate punishment, and is growing every year and the discomfort of the American people when it comes to the death penalty.

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