‘Less chance of kinderobesitas when father’s role in upbringing’

‘Less chance of kinderobesitas when father’s role in upbringing’

The extent to which fathers are involved in the education of their child, according to researchers influence the development of obesity in children between the ages of two and four years old.

When the father plays a role in the care and rearing of the child, the child according to the researchers, are less likely to be overweight.

It is especially of influence, or the father with the child playing outside and in motion. In these children increases the likelihood of being overweight by 30 percent. Also, dressing and washing of a child’s care according to the researchers, 33 percent decrease in the risk of obesity.

During the investigation, information was compared 10.700 children that were part of the Early Childhood Logitudinal Study Cohort in the United States. In this study, published in Obesity, were children who was born in 2001 were down to their fourth year of life followed. The researchers made a selection of 3.900 children with the father to live in this house, but was not involved in the upbringing.


The father was asked to fill in a questionnaire when the child reaches the age of two and four years had. It was asked, among other things, the role of the father and of the degree of interference with education. For the children, research was conducted to their weight, diet, number of hours watching television and whether the child regularly was going out to play. It was also taken into account the educational level of the father, or the father or not, has a job and the financial situation of the family.

“There is more and more evidence for the fact that it is important that fathers play a role in the lives of their children. Our study shows that this intervention of the father, even health benefits for the child can have,” says researcher Michelle Wong.

“In our study only looked at the role of the father. In follow-up research, it is important that the role of the mother in the analysis is involved,” says Wong. The findings would, according to the researchers an encouragement for fathers to get more involved in the education of their child.

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