Leslie Jones hopes ‘SNL’ will focus less on political jokes in the future



Leslie Jones, ‘SNL’ needs to move past political jokes

“Saturday Night Live” star, Leslie Jones, said she hopes SNL will move in the past, the political-based jokes and more comedy based stuff’ next year.

“Saturday Night Live” star Leslie Jones said they hoped that the comedy show would have to get past the political on the basis of jokes and advice for young comedians.

Jones told The Wrap that last season’s “Saturday Night Live” did a lot of jokes about politics, but said that it was the staff of the “responsibility” to “cover that stuff.”

“I hope that next year we can do more fun things in the place of a lot of political things this year, that we had,” Jones told The Wrap. “There was so many things that was happening, there was no way that our show, with the responsibility that we have, would not be to cover that stuff. It was just too important. But I hope that next year many more funny funny based stuff, more comedy based stuff instead of a lot of political stuff.”


Jones portrayed a former staff member of the White House, Omarosa Manigault Newman on the hit comedy show.

Jones explained there was a need for comedians who joke about politics, but said at times “it may not always be serious.”

“There should be a stream of comics that come and do that kind of comedy, because we need that,” Jones said. “And I like watching that kind of comedy, which explains what’s going on and make it funny so you can really realize that this is ridiculous. But there should be more than that, to the extent that the funny comics that come out and really make you laugh. As is so gut laughing. Comedy is a release just like art and music. That is all the same. You need that release. It may not always be serious. You have “The Three Stooges” is just as much as you need John Oliver.”


Jones also had some advice for comics starting: don’t do the same joke everyone else is.

“One thing that I always have a goal was never to talk about what everyone is talking about, because most of the time, maybe 10 comics are doing literally the same Asset joke,” she explained. “When I started, it was not important because they are famous or to be heard. The most important thing was that as we were very funny. The strips today – it is stressful to go to a comedy show, because that’s all they do is just talk about. No one just gets up and does a simple joke that makes you laugh.”

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