Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are expressing concerns about streaming giants

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are concerned about the developments in the film industry since streaming services in the future, they tell in a Tuesday published a long interview with Esquire, where director Quentin Tarantino in city travel.

DiCaprio speaks of a “huge shift in terms of how films are made and where funding is going”. “The studiosysteem has tons of content, libraries full of filmideeën, but in many respects it is the leegbloeden. Similar to the twenties, when big companies ‘artistic lifeblood’ of the movie industry took over”, he commented.

“We are now in an era where a lot of money to streaming services,” will DiCaprio continue. “But with such an abundance of content, it appears there is a lot of rubbish.”

The 44-year-old Oscar-winner is said to see that there are more and more opportunities are seized upon with new forms of narrative. “But the type of film that Quentin creates, begins in the meantime, also an endangered species.”


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DiCaprio: ‘dark times’

The actor is a reference to Once Upon A Time in … Hollywood, the new film from Tarantino that Tuesday night was premiered at the Cannes film Festival. In this he was together with Pitt to see if actors in the Los Angeles of 1969. “I am there not so much to this film prices,” explains DiCaprio. “But to filmmakers to honor those who themselves continue to adhere to the art of making films.”

“Let’s hope that this kind of filmmaking still exists after the transition period, what we now have,” says DiCaprio. “There are dark times.” Also Pitt sees problems. “The positive is that there are more people in the industry get a chance, but I also see something else happen in the younger generations (…). The attention span is shorter.”

Pitt: “I hear from new generations that they are more accustomed to short and quick things. Streaming services work that way. You can by going to the next show if you will be seduced. What I always so nice to have found cinema, is that you somewhat slowly let unfold as a story. I wonder if that whole form of filmbeleving out the window is rolled with younger generations. Not complete, I think.”

Tarantino fills Pitt: “You have the right movie for needed. A movie that a sensitive nerve to hit and topic of conversation. Get Out got that for each other.” The director, referring to the popular Oscar-winning horror film from 2017. “Everybody was talking about it. In the early days more conversations about films than tv programs. Now that is not so.”

Swan song of Burt Reynolds and Luke Perry

Tarantino tells in addition, the roles of Burt Reynolds and Luke Perry for Once Upon A Time in … Hollywood. Both actors are now deceased. “The last acteerklus of Burt Reynolds was the rehearsal. That was great. Later I heard from three different people that he was prior to his death dialogues on the practice. He went to the bathroom and there he got his heart attack.”

Reynolds was eventually replaced by Bruce Dern. Perry passed away after the recordings, which Tarantino’s film is his last performance. Three days before the funeral had the director Perry’s last scene mounted.

“That got me to thinking,” says Tarantino. “Kurt Cobain was such a fan of Reservoir Dogs that he thanked me on his third album. (…) His people called me and asked whether I could with him agree. I said that I would like, but in the preparation of Pulp Fiction was, and so then perhaps one could agree. That’s never happened.”

The Nirvana singer died in 1994, the year when Pulp Fiction appeared.

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