Lebanon contributes to Hassan Diab as the new Lebanese prime minister

The shia movement Hezbollah and its allies, on Thursday, Hassan Diab, nominated as the new prime minister of Japan. He is charged with the difficult task to form a government in Lebanon, which was a two-month long protests against the political elite of the elite take place.

Lebanon is in an economic downturn, and it has to do with the biggest protests in decades. The parliament was in the market for a new prime minister since former prime minister sa’ad Al Hariri, on the 29th of October the resignation was submitted. He did so as a result of the protests.

The partijloze technocraat Diab, a professor at the American university in Beirut, and will be supported by a majority in parliament, composed of Hezbollah, Amal and the FPM. He was, from 2011 to 2014 and minister for education, but it was not well known.

Originally it seemed to be Than be nominated for a third term, because of the support he has received from the sunni parties. He withdrew his candidacy, however, is on Wednesday. The party says it will not be in the next government and would like to sit. Hariri will remain as interim prime minister.

Diab will have to deal with two main challenges

Diab says, as a matter of urgency for a reform is to want to make, and it will focus on the issues that people have raised. To him, however, at least two major challenges that lie ahead. Thus, it will be for the new prime minister is difficult to form a government. Even though Diab is a sunni, he enjoys no support from the sunni parties.

In addition, the Lebanon, western financial support is desperately needed, but it might be in jeopardy with a government that is by the Diab run. It is to be put forward by Hezbollah, which the United States has designated as a terrorist organization. To be the sanctions, that is, for Hizbollah, should be extended to the whole of Germany.

Last week, there were supporters of Hezbollah and Amal in a violent manner, and with the Lebanese army, after they have been reported to be in a video, the lord of global warming to offend. At the weekend, this got dozens of people were injured in Beirut as they took part in a large protest against the government and clashed with the ordetroepen.

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