‘Leading designer of mobile chips cease cooperation with Huawei

The British-up chip designer ARM will no longer be doing business with the Chinese techgigant Huawei to comply with U.s. sanctions, appears Wednesday from internal documents that the BBC are holding in your hands.

ARM staff have been said to “all active contracts, agreements and planned initiatives” with Huawei to immediately cease.

The designs of ARM, are the basis of many mobile chips, including those by Huawei used to be. By no longer working together, the Huawei harder and harder to find new smartphoneprocessors.

Huawei pay ARM for a license to the designs of the company to be allowed to use. By the cooperation to cease, would that license become void.

Sanctions of the United States

Both companies have not yet commented on the leaked information. Although ARM is a British company, it has the-up chip designer also offices in the United States.

Huawei is since this week the target of the u.s. sanctions, allowing American companies have only limited can do business with the company.

The sanctions mean that Huawei is no longer a license on the Android operating system may decrease at Google. This measure will be only in August. Then Huawei a opensourceversie without Google apps or switch to its own operating system.


How China and Huawei, the world would spy on

Fear of spying by Huawei

In the United States is the fear that the Chinese government is the networks of Huawei used to spy. The company denies that this is possible and says that all equipment is safe to use.

In the Netherlands, the AIVD currently investigating whether Huawei via a backdoor in a telecom network managed has shared information with the Chinese intelligence services.

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