Leaders of the recall effort against L. A. mayor: the city, not leave the people to die on the road’, by resolve homelessness crisis

in the vicinityVideoLos Angeles residents, the petition to recall mayor about homelessness-crisis

Applicant Alexandra Datig the effort to discuss the recall of Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti on ‘Tucker Carlson tonight.’

Los Angeles residents are recall petitions to Mayor Eric Garcetti has to say about his dealing with the homelessness crisis in the city, with one of the leading activists, the officials leave the people “to die on the street.”

One of the main proponents of the recall, Alexandra Datig, appeared on Wednesday on “the insistence of Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Los Angeles residents to get rid of the mayor about his incompetence in dealing with the exploding homelessness.


“I think we are living in third world conditions, have a risk for public health in Los Angeles, and we have a mayor who is totally ignorant, and he is a total loser,” Datig said.

“I think we are living in third world conditions, have a risk for public health in Los Angeles, and we have a mayor who is totally ignorant, and he is a total loser.”

— Alexandra Datig

“We have this position in the city of Los Angeles, to think about where our politicians seem to, that it is okay to let people die on the street, just whistling past the graveyard. We have more than die 3600 people on the streets of Los Angeles in the past five years,” she added, and noticed that there was a 75 percent increase of homelessness in the past six years.

Garcetti, the two-term Democrat, spoke on Wednesday about his city’s problems in the midst of the campaign to recall him, according to figures published in a significant increase in homelessness showed applied at the beginning of this month, despite the millions of dollars to the problem.

The city saw a 16-percent jump in homeless-to 36,300 — compared to the previous year, according to an annual point-in-time count conducted by the Los Angeles County earlier this year.

“I feel very strongly about the mission, I am,” Garcetti said. “We are housing more homeless people than ever before, and … we will redouble our efforts.”


But Datig, says the mayor had already enough time to fix the problem and it is time for him to be ousted from his job. “It is not a question of who is to blame for this increase. He needs to be called back. The citizens of Los Angeles have had enough of this,” she said.


The activists pointed out that the rise in homelessness despite the rising expenditure by the governments for the problem, that “homelessness is a big business these days”

“The Los Angeles Times reports, there is a $57 million one-year program, only toilets on the streets. We deal with environmental crimes, the type that is illegal in the U.S. state of California, you can not allow sewage to the storm sewer system. It’s happened in the last six years, it is illegal to do that,” she said.

“We need committed people in state hospitals, which are drawn under guardianship, and the people to get out of the traffic, we need to checkups, these people are dying in our streets, they are susceptible to diseases because your immune system,” Datig added, saying “there is no prevention, no treatment, it is not a ban. There is no detention.”


“People are allowed to commit crimes, while the taxpayer is forced to step over a homeless man in his office, and to pay taxes in order to continue this situation, it is outrageous.”

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