Leaders may have fled from Mosul

Leaders may have fled from Mosul

Photo: AFP

Leaders of Islamic State (IS) are, according to the U.s. army, probably fled from the Iraqi city of Mosul that is currently being liberated by Iraqi troops, with the support of an international coalition.

The American general Gary Volevsky, that the troops of the coalition results from country to the city attack told BBC that movements of IS from Mosul, and that it would also most likely a lot of leaders are.

In Mosul would the 3,500 to 5,000 IS fighters. According to Volevsky remain mainly foreigners that have connected fight in the city.

“We expect many foreigners to stay because they are less easily unseen can get away than some of the local fighters or local leaders. We expect a fight.

Human shield

According to the UN, still stay around 1.5 million citizens in the city. Would civilians as a human shield.

The rise has been steady: several villages around Mosul will be liberated by the Iraqi and Kurdish troops. According to an Iraqi legerwoordvoerder IS already heavy losses to sustain.


The Kurdish Peshmerga play an important role in the offensive. Also shiite and sunni militias are doing, as well as by Turkey-backed rebels. By the us-led coalition supports the operation with air strikes. Tuesday also added Turkey joined the coalition.

The only troops to Mosul in may according to The Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi army and the Iraqi national police.

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