Leaders, followers, and friends to take a farewell of the Land

In a sports stadium in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare, have African heads of state, survivors, supporters, and the military on Saturday to say goodbye to the old president, Robert Mugabe. Although it was Saturday already in place, let it be the actual burial, for about a month now.

Last week, steggelden the government and Mugabes relatives to their last resting place. The current president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, and his party wanted to be president Mugabe would like to be buried in the heldenbegraafplaats in Harare, while the Mugabes wife (on the right in the photo), and the other members of their family, and salvation, to see the last resting-place in his home town. Finally went to the family, to no avail. (Photo: Reuters)

The President Mnangagwa was walking behind the coffin, with Mugabes a body as the national sports stadium in Harare, it was binnengerold. (Photo: Reuters)

On a stage filled with flowers and the names of African heads of state bid farewell to the former president of the republic, followed by the Mugabes wife (in the picture), as well as children. (Photo: Reuters)

The station, with up to 60,000 seats were only half-filled. A brass band provided the musical accompaniment and singing and dancing. (Photo: Reuters)

“A great tree of Africa has fallen. Africa is crying today,” said the president, Mnangagwa, in a speech. “We are lagging behind, they will be rich, bold, provocative and inspiring voice continue to be heard, which encourages us, and warns it to remain vigilant and be smart.” (Photo: Reuters)

When the South African president Cyril Ramaphosa entered the podium for his speech, he was booing for xenophobic attacks earlier this month in South Africa. When these attacks were mainly in the shops of the immigrants from other African countries are to be targeted. (Photo: Reuters)

Other dignitaries to the funeral, attended, among others, Kenyan president Kenyatta (pictured), the former president, Zuma, of South Africa, and president Theodore Obiang Nguemae of Equatorial Guinea (png). (Photo: Reuters)

Apparently overcome by grief, had to be a supporter of that State on a stretcher in the stadium, to be disseminated to the medical treatment and care to get it. (Photo: Reuters)

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