Leader of Liberal Democrats, get it on, Corbyn announced the departure of

As the leader of a Uk political party Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, has a Friday morning, her office lost in the election. The Scottish district of Dunbartonshire, and East voted for the Scottish National y over the party of Swinson. As a result of the loss of the party’s search for a new leader, and will be leaving Swinson as the new leader.

The leaders of the largest parties, the Boris Johnson of the Conservatives, Jeremy Corbyn, of the Labour, found their seats to be retained.

The voting in the United Kingdom, the locks Thursday night at 22: 00 (local time). According to the first exitpolls the Conservatives have 368 seats were obtained, some by a significant margin implications. They have the 326 seats needed for a majority in the house of Commons to get it.

Shortly after 8: 00am and were the results of the 648 of the 650 districts of well-known and the Conservatives have 363 seats that have been won, the 161 is more than the Labor.

Liberal Democrats had, by that time, eleven of the seats are won, and Jo Swinson and her place in the parliament and see to lose. Her party went into the election campaign yet, with the idea that it is the young and Swinson have ever been prime minister, would be able to.

With this attitude, the campaign has been sustained until the Swinson on Monday admitted that it was unlikely that her party will have the majority of the votes cast, and a new government, it would lead to.

Corbyn stepped down after bezinningsperiode’

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, saw his party’s shrinking, but Friday morning however, his office is in Islington, North are to be retained. He called it a “disappointing night for Labour,” he announced in a period of self-reflection to be a party to it. Corbyn want to Labor through this period of time will help, but it says that the party does not have to result in a subsequent election. For further details on his resignation he had not yet.

It was expected that Corbyn would continue to work for a bezinningsperiode before he could go. It is in keeping with his character as a leader, and he has the support of the president, by Len McClusky of Unite, the second labor union in the united kingdom, which last month said it was the best move would be a big loss for Labour.

The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, the Conservative government was able to have its registered office in Uxbridge & South London will also be retained, and for which he was competing with a producer of the candidates as the Lord Buckethead and the Count Binface.

Elections were held on the basis of the meerderheidsstelsel

Altogether 3.322 people run into 650 different constituencies. In each district, for a single seat in the house of Commons.

In the Netherlands in an electoral system based on proportional representation, the Uk has a meerderheidsstelsel. The person who gets the most votes wins the electoral district; the other is a ‘loss’.

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