Lawsuit over European megaboete Intel should again be treated

Lawsuit over European megaboete Intel should again be treated

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A European court should study again or a large fine that Intel was due to a distortion of competition is imposed.

The fine was already, in 2009, imposed by the European Commission and has since then been challenged by the chipmaker.

The European Court of Justice refers the matter Wednesday returned to the Court of the EU, a lower court. The Court has the appeal of Intel is not precise enough studied, according to the Court.

The former recordboete was imposed because Intel between 2002 and 2007 its dominant position on the market for pc chips, it would have abused. Intel granted rebates and discounts to pc manufacturers and to retailfirma Media-Saturn, to ensure that they are primarily pc’s with Intel chips would sell.


Intel does not deny that agreements have been made, but says that that is not a restriction of competition in the chipmarkt made. That issue is not sufficiently analyzed by the Court, the Court Thursday. Moreover, it is insufficient to look at errors that the Commission made in the earlier lawsuit.

The ruling will presumably again take years before there is clarity about the penalty. After a new ruling of the Court may Intel may re-appeal at the European Court.

Under the commissioner, Margrethe Verstager (Competition) seems to be the European Commission to be stricter to take action against American tech with large market shares.

Vestager explained earlier this year, miljardenboete on Google for abuse of power with his hundred. Google is appealing against that decision. If the European Court’s final approval had been given to the Intel-fine, that had an important precedent can be set for

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