Law enforcement wants the death penalty for the suspect in a terrorist attack in Texas

Its a very deadly massaschietpartij in the state of Texas and shall be treated as a case of domestic terrorism, reports of the public prosecutor’s office on Sunday. Justice and the death penalty in demand charges, the 21-year-old aanslagpleger.

The bottle fell to 20 dead and 26 wounded. Only seven other shootings in recent American history have been more deadly.

The defendant does, according to the chief of police of El Paso, and the city in which the shooting took place, participated in the study. It would seem that he has a gun legally purchased.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, says that this is likely to be a haatmisdrijf is. The shooter posted on Saturday, shortly before the terrorist attack at a shopping mall in a racially-text online in which he explains the situation unfolding.

Among the casualties were thirteen people in mexico. Six of them died of their injuries. The Mexican minister, Marcelo Ebrard (on Foreign Affairs) said that his country will take action to get people in mexico to the United States to protect them. The Details were not disclosed.


Americans have to hide under a bench in a shopping centre for the gunman

Also, massaschietpartij, Ohio

A short time after the events in Texas, was also a great shooting location in the state of Ohio. Dayton was the fire, to be opened in the district. There were 9 people killed, 24 others were killed or wounded. The 24-year-old shooter was taken by the police and shot to death.

The Us president, when He leaves a comment to know that “hatred has no place in the United States of america,” and that the violence must be stopped. On Monday, he gives a more detailed response to the events in Texas and Ohio.

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On average, every eleven days, a massaschietpartij in the US


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