Large-scale plan must be Ivorian cocoa farming more sustainable

Some of the major players in the chocoladesector and sustainable economy have teamed to 103.000 small cocoa farmers in côte d’ivoire to be financed by 2020. Thus, the intention is initiator to Barry Callebaut, the cultivation can be sustainable.


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The demand for cocoa increases, but cocoa farmers are usually pretty small remained. They edit often, but two or three acres of land, which one heavy storm is enough can be to the crops of a season to destroy. If they are then not getting credit at their bank, it is likely that the landbouwbedrijfje the setback does not survive. Therefore, it is a necessity to make the cocoa sector more sustainable, something chocolate Barry Callebaut to the heart.

Together with The Sustainable Trade Initiative and the world Bank will Barry Callebaut 9 million USD to invest in order to small cocoa farmers in côte d’ivoire to support. As such, there will training be offered, but will eventually also be easier for small farmers to borrow money from their local banks. The initiators expect that the income of cocoa farmers who participate in the program after two years, with 23% increase, making them in case of mishaps also faster a loan will be able to get.

The program is part of the commitment that the chocolate already contracted for the Cocoa Action. That is a series of events, compiled by the World Cocoa Foundation, which companies within the sector can voluntarily subscribe and which the sustainability of the cocoa cultivation should tewerkstelligen. More and fairer chocolate, that is something that we are not opposed to it.(EK)

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