Large protests in Malaysia against the new islamic law

Large protests in Malaysia against the new islamic law

Photo: AFP

Tens of thousands of Malaysians are Saturday the street, merged with the capital Kuala Lumpur to protest against new, strict islamic, law.

The Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, is committed to the introduction of the legislation. It comes to the incorporation of ‘hoedoed’, penalties for matters such as robbery, illicit sexual relations and drinking of wine, in the islamic law of the land.

Razak is embroiled in a corruption scandal and would the new legislation want to use it for his electorate to increase and so more chance to win a re-election. In 2018, be there in Malaysia elections.

Especially religious minorities are afraid that their rights will be curtailed if the additional legislation is introduced. Opponents of the law are afraid that the introduction of “hoedoed’ in the legislation also paves the way for later punishments as stoning and the cutting off of body parts legally.

The demonstrations in the capital were peaceful.

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