‘Large part of dark web offline by hackers’

‘Large part of dark web offline by hackers’

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A large part of the ‘dark web’, a part of the internet that is only accessible via special anonimiseringssoftware, Friday unreachable.

On affected websites, a message will be shown in which hackers claiming to be a great hosting company to have been hacked, reports The Verge Friday.

It comes to Freedom Hosting II, the successor of a notorious earlier hosting company that also many offences, child pornography sites anonymised in the air loved. The first version of Freedom Hosting in 2013 taken offline by the FBI.

In the message, that by privacy researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis on Twitter is set, write the hackers that they are more than 10,000 sites offline have met, with 74 GB of files. More than half of them would be child pornography, although that claim could not be verified.

According to an earlier report, the sites from Freedom Hosting II 20 per cent of the dark web. The hackers say a copy of the hacked database to sell for 0.1 bitcoin (something less than 100 euro).

We were able to identify FHII-hosted sites through SSH fingerprints & Hostname hacking among others. Hosted sites n…


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15:16 – 03 February 2017


It is unclear who was behind the hack. The dark web is reached via the Tor software, which is internet traffic through a series of servers sends, and ensures that it becomes impossible to see who actually visits a website. Also the host of the website remains in this way, anonymous.

In spite of the security protocol, it often happens that users or web sites on the dark web to be hacked, for example by leaks in the Tor Browser.

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