Large part of Antwerp is a controlled environmental zone

Large part of Antwerp is a controlled environmental zone

Antwerp carries about two weeks of a low emission zone in. Chosen is for a large zone within the ring of the Belgian town and part of the left bank of the Scheldt.

The ANWB gives motorists advice in time to check whether they are with their car in the city in may.

“The rule of thumb is that petrol cars from 1992 and diesels from 2006 Antwerp, from 1 February, not in may,” according to the ANWB Tuesday. “Those who do not adhere to the rules, risk a 125 euro fine.” The chance of getting caught is quite large: the entire ring is monitored by cameras on license plates, zoom in.

Cars will not be allowed, can be placed on parking spaces just outside the environmental zone. From which parking facilities by public transport to the centre will be traveled.

In Rotterdam, it was may last year that a low emission zone introduced. From a mid-term review of the environmental agency dcmr environmental protection agency and the research institute TNO, two months ago, it was found that the presence of the above-average polluting cars leads up to 20 percent less emissions of soot.

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