Large increase in the number of heart attacks in victims of hurricane Katrina

Large increase in the number of heart attacks in victims of hurricane Katrina

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Since New Orleans in 2005 was hit by hurricane Katrina, the number of inhabitants that a heart attack was increased significantly.

The number of persons that can be affected by a heart attack, the last ten years has tripled.

The university of Tulane conducted the research and presented this Wednesday at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in New Orleans.

This compared they 2.341 documents of patients with data derived before the advent of the hurricane. “After Katrina, our city has been destroyed, noticed the cardiology departments of this increase,” says lead researcher Anand Irimpen. “I suggested, therefore, that we have the data, objective had to consider and examine whether this is a true increase was concerned, or that it is only a perception.”

Risk factor

Not only it turned out there was from the research, a tripling of the number of hartvaanvallen, were also found survivors of the disaster are significantly more likely to suffer from diseases that are a risk factor for heart attacks. The number of diabetes patients increased from 29 to 40 percent, the percentage of persons with a kransvatziekte increased from 31 to 48 percent, and the percentage of people with high cholesterol levels in their blood went up from 45 to 59 percent.

Except for the increased number of heart attacks, there was also an increase seen in the number of people that uses drugs or mental illness. Also increased the number of people that do not adhere to the prescribed dose of the medication that they need to take.

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