Large evacuation order imminent breach of the dam in California

Large evacuation order imminent breach of the dam in California

Photo: AFP

Residents in northern California were on Sunday ordered to evacuate because of a threatening breach of the Oroville Dam. The highest dam in the United States has been damaged by heavy rainfall.

The authorities let you know that a noodoverlaat it as possible can fail. The waterway is used to a surplus of water in the reservoir to allow flow. Without a working noodoverlaat the dam can erode or completely collapse.

People who are in the lower parts of Oroville and in areas downstream, you live, have received a call to “immediately leave”. The local sheriff has the urgent request via other social media spread. It is up to three times emphasizes that this is not an exercise. In Oroville home to over 16,000 inhabitants.

The additional spillway is set after the normal drain it went. By the severe rainfall of the last days increased the water level of Lake Oroville to a dangerous height. Saturday was a zinkgat in the middle of the spillway. The erosion caused large pieces of concrete were swept away by the water and the hole just kept growing. Engineers therefore decided that a second (emergency)spillway to open all of the water to carry away.

Maximum capacity

For the first time in the history of the dam there was an extra waterway is opened. Also this was quickly the large volumes of water and erosion by ensuring that the waterway is on the verge of collapse. The high water has ensured that the maximum capacity of Lake Oroville is reached.

The California Department of Water Resources left around 16.30 hrs (1.30 pm Dutch time) to know that the drain is expected to become “within an hour go”.

The Oroville Dam is between 1962 and 1968 was built and is 230 meters high. The reservoir is an important water reservoir for the state of California. The dam also functions as protection against floods.

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