Lara Trump lashes after CNN host accuses her of ‘lying’ about the rally-the audience is ‘Send them back to her!’ chant

nearvideo Lara Trump says progressive ‘Squad’ members do not represent the American women, preview, democratic debate

Women in Congress Alexandria Ocasio was-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley have very extreme ideas, and constantly dump on our country, says Trump 2020 campaign as a senior Advisor to Lara Trump.

Lara Trump fired back Saturday against critics have argued that the “send them back!” was scheduled to sing at President Trump the recent rally in North Carolina, instead of a spontaneous audience response.

To orchestrate “everyone who can, to plan it a bit before thinking,” send her back ” singing is obviously desperate to continue, biased, racially-charged narrative,” the president’s daughter, slide-in-law wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

To orchestrate “everyone who can, to plan it a bit before thinking,” send her back ” singing is obviously desperate to continue, biased, racially-charged narrative push.”

— Lara Trump

She added the hashtag (#fake news.

Lara Trump’s message was reported in the response to a Saturday article in the Washington Examiner that CNN ‘ s Anderson had criticized Cooper on the Friday edition of its nightly program “Anderson Cooper 360.”


“She is just lying friggin'”, said Cooper in a point, accusing the wife of Eric Trump of the pretence of the North Carolina location during your previous interview Friday on Fox Business, the Examiner reported.

“She’s just damned lies.”

— CNN’s Anderson Cooper

Lara Trump had said, that the “send them back” chant – born of the lot directly to the Somali, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. – was not asked to, and that President Trump will not participate.

Lara Trump took issue with some of the comments that CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday, according to a report.

“It was not the whole lot,” she added. “It was only a couple of people there are right in the front, but [the President] did not say that.”

But Cooper argues that Lara Trump had “primed” the audience during her warm-up speech before the president’s appearance on Wednesday in Greenville, N. C., the Examiner reported.

“If you can go no love for our country, the President said,” you, ” right?” Lara Trump belongs, said in a video clip, before the President entered the stage.

But Lara Trump was not shown singing coaching of the crowd, “send them back!” — in contrast to what seemed to be Cooper, suggesting.

Following Wednesday’s rally, critics of President Trump to promote the song, your argument that some of the Twitter messages from the President, earlier in the week targeting Omar and other far-left house Democrats, known as “The team” – were racist.


But the President pushed back against the racism argument, say that he was merely opposing what he considered, to do as the Democrats ” have a negative attitude towards America, and his tweets had nothing to do with the breed.

“I was not happy with it, I agree with him,” President Trump said on Thursday, referring to the rally-the audience is “send them back!” Chanting. “But, again, I did not say that you have done.”

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