Laptop, with six of the most dangerous viruses for more than 1 million sold

A laptop with six of the most dangerous computer viruses is sold for 1.3 million dollars (1.1 million euros). It comes to an art project of the artist Guo O Dong.

On the laptop, the artist has the six most dangerous computer viruses until now installed. Guo O Dong wants to the abstract viruses are tangible and to draw attention to the danger of the digitization of the society.

The artwork is called The Persistence of Chaos and the malware ILOVEYOU and WannaCry is installed on the device. The six viruses have worldwide estimated to be nearly 85 billion dollars worth of damage caused.

It is not known who the laptop was purchased. Anyone could via a site on the device. The laptop can not be connected to the internet. So can the malware via the work of art to be distributed.

Malware can cause a lot of damage

The malware on the laptop of Guo O Dong makes use of vulnerabilities in software, that malicious hackers have abused to be. They can use this to overwrite files or a computer hostage, by all the files to encrypt and bitcoin to demand as ransom.

Earlier this month, reported the city of Baltimore to have been struck by a cyber attack. It was a similar vulnerability as WannaCry. By the attack the inhabitants of the city make no use of the digital services of the municipality and employees at their e-mailbox.

The vulnerabilities where this malware makes use of, are usually resolved quickly by the developer of the software. However, many computers don’t have the latest updates installed, giving the virus its job.

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