Lange Frans, is that the media term “rapper” is wrong use

In conversation with VIVA says Long French that “the media” any opportunity for rappers in a negative way to put down.

The 38-year-old rapper comes to that conclusion as a result of a note from interviewer Tatum Dagelet, who in an interview with the artist says: “We read in the news regularly about gangsterrappers and shootings.”

Lange Frans replied thereto: “I think you’re either a gangster or a rapper. That is often intertwined with each other. So when is a person than a rapper?”

“As a Syriëganger one time on a Wednesday afternoon in a community centre, a rap has been recorded, ie in The Telegraph a ‘jihadrapper’. In my eyes, is such a person, not a rapper. I’ve ever made a painting, but I’m not a painter,” says Lange Frans, is that really Frans Christiaan Frederiks hot.

The rapper has the feeling that his skin color has within his profession. “In Hilversum, there is still something what structural racism is called. They would prefer to see twenty Long French, Gers Pardoels and a Diggy Dex, than boys with a wide mixed color walk. I can do no other than confirm that.”

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